Teens causing trouble in Rolleston move out

MOVED OUT: Teens causing trouble in Rolleston have moved out of the area, police say.

Youth crime in Rolleston has dropped after troublemaking teens shifted to Christchurch.

Selwyn Times reported last month that Rolleston was hit with a wave of youth offenders, causing trouble in the town.

But the offending has become less frequent, Selwyn youth aid officer Senior Constable Bruce Ward said.

“A group of the young teens that have been causing quite a lot of trouble in Rolleston have moved into town [Christchurch],” he said.

It had shifted the problem to new places as the group of about six teens now meet in Riccarton and the central city.

Police suspect that the teenagers were being supplied alcohol and drugs by adults, who have also moved into Christchurch.

“They congregate [in Riccarton and the central city] and are smoking cannabis and stuff like that. Minor offending as well, like shoplifting at Westfield Riccarton,” Senior Constable Ward said.

The situation in Rolleston is “positive,” but as the teens were from Rolleston, Senior Constable Ward believed they could return to the town.

Last month, Selwyn Times reported that the teens carried out similar crimes in Rolleston, such as shoplifting and smoking cannabis.

Some of the teens had also been sleeping rough in Rolleston.

Police said the main concern was that petty crimes could lead to serious crimes.

Senior Constable Ward said he is planning more family group conferences with the families of the teens, to try and control their behaviour.