Sick of potholes? City council’s new solution

ROUGH TIME: The city council is working on developing a map for its website to tell residents which roads are in the poorest condition.

Working out how to avoid potholes and bumpy roads will soon easier with the development of a website map.

The city council is working on a new “roughness condition map” which will show the condition of each road, lane, street and drive around the city.

Said city council planning and delivery transport manager Lynette Ellis: “The roughness condition map will identify how rough a road is, both as a measurable number, and as a description (eg good or poor).”

Ms Ellis said the technology is used elsewhere in New Zealand and there is no direct connection between the map and the earthquakes as the map will be using recently measured data.

“The driver for this is to share factual information concerning the transport network with the community,” she said.

It will also be used to help inform decision-making city councillors and community boards make with regard to investing money and prioritising infrastructure.

“Functionally this is using data that council already holds, and serving it onto the website via new software that has been made available via council’s geospatial programme,” Ms Ellis said.

The map is intended to be live on the website later this year.

The state of roads around the city remains a hot topic eight years after the February 22, 2011, earthquake.

Last year’s city council Long Term Plan was set to focus on the “basics” – setting out to prioritise improvements to roads and footpaths alongside wastewater infrastructure and drinking water upgrades.