Mild winter may be on the way

SEASONAL: Laura McKenzie, 2, and her big sister Chloe, 5, play in the last of the autumn leaves at the Botanic Gardens before winter sets in. PHOTO: MARTIN HUNTER

If you have enjoyed the balmy May weather – more could be on the way.

Blue Skies Weather and Climate Services Ltd owner Tony Trewinnard said there is no indication this winter will be any warmer, colder, wetter or drier than normal.

However, Christchurch should expect to see more south-westerly winds than usual, he said.

“Obviously what is coming up in the next 10 days is good example of that . . . while south-westerlies often make things cold, this isn’t always the case.”

“We have had a lot of south-west winds through the month of May and yet our daytime temperatures have been quite mild. Our night times have been fairly cold and we have had some light frosts and that’s typical when you get south-westerlies.”

“But that doesn’t mean that’s going to be the pattern all through the winter, there will be periods where the wind flow comes from all directions,” said Mr Trewinnard.

When comparing the predictions of this season to previous similar seasons, Mr Trewinnard said we could see more cloudy days.

“(We could see) a number of cloudy days and nights, which could produce less frostiness. That could be one of the characteristics we see.”