Lime may soon share the streets with new e-scooter operators

The city council is expected to make an announcement on new e-scooter operators in Christchurch in the coming weeks.

The shared e-scooter network in the city is currently monopolised by California-based company Lime.

But that may be about to change as the city council is working with other operators looking to enter the city.

Said city council transport operations manager Steffan Thomas: “Staff are still working through this and the council will hopefully be in a position to make an announcement in about two to three weeks.”

The Star asked the city council which other companies have expressed interest, but it did not respond to the question.

In February, the city council allowed Lime to operate 1000 scooters. It also capped the total number of e-scooters for the city at 1600, for other companies to operate.

Other e-scooter operators have already been announced for Auckland and Wellington.



  1. As an lime juicer since the very beginning (launch day) here in Christchurch I’d love to know who the new company is and whether I can work with them or not. Fingers crossed they read this article and reach out