Council apology for flooding

FLOODING: Marriner St following the storm at the start of last week.

The city council has apologised for failing to prevent a Sumner street from flooding after the heavy rainfall last week.

The apology comes after the city council promised action to prevent further flooding on Marriner St.

In May last year, a city council spokesperson said the drain outlet, which is located on Scarborough Beach, would be cleared prior to future weather events.

However, the drain was not cleared on Monday last week, which resulted in the flooding.

“Unfortunately, the action plan was not followed correctly for the Marriner St pipe outlet due to a miscommunication between the city council and the contractor, for which we are sorry,” said city council land drainage operations team leader Mark Mullen.

Marriner St resident Rob O’Neill said the flooding has been a problem for the past 24 years.

“We are just over it. They have promised to address it for as long as I can remember. It is a bit of a joke now, a joke that is not funny,” he said.

Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board member Darrell Latham labelled the city council’s inability to carry out its own action plan as “embarrassing.”

Dr Latham said this was one of a series of flooding events since the city council formulated an action plan last year.

“The current approach of manually clearing beach drainage outlets is costing ratepayers thousands of dollars and it appears to be not working particularly well because drainage outlets are buried in sand or they cannot be located,” he said.

“This approach is not sustainable and given the recent storm event, it is now time for the city council to acknowledge that the current methodology is not effective and to investigate a more effective plan of action and solution to this problem.”

The city council currently spends $20,000 a year to keep the drains clear prior to weather events.

Mr Mullen said it is investigating whether the beach level is likely to fall, meaning sand is less likely to block drains, or whether longer-term solutions may be necessary.