Schools combine for orchestral extravaganza

UNITED: Rangi Ruru Girls' School, Christ's College and St Margaret's College students performed in their individual school orchestras before all 150 students came together for the evening concert. PHOTO: Ian Kelly

Orchestras from RangiRuru Girls’ School, St Margaret’s College and Christ’s College came together to perform in an orchestral extravaganza on Wednesday.

About 120 students performed to a crowd of more than 150 in the Christ’s College auditorium for the annual event, which has been running for three years.

The aim of the concert is to bring young musicians together for a positive musical experience working with and learning from each other.

RangiRuru director of music Janet Kingsbury said the show was “fantastic.”

“One of the highlights for all of us involved was seeing students collaborating and working together as a team to create something greater than they would be able to do on their own,” said Mrs Kingsbury.

Students performed in their own school orchestras before merging for the combined evening concert.

Mrs Kingsbury and a colleague came up with the idea to “reinvent” the show as a similar one-off show had been performed seven years earlier.

Music teachers and principals of all schools involved agreed on the idea and worked together to make it happen.

SOLO MOMENT: Rangi Ruri Girl’s School student Amy Clough played the oboe solo in “Gabriel’s Oboe” with the combined String Orchestra in the Orchestral Extravaganza. PHOTO: Ian Kelly