Russian with firearms sent email to school

An email written by a former Russian solider who died of suspected suicide during a police stand-off was sent to a school, it can be revealed.

When police raided 54-year-old Troy Dubrovskiy’s St Martins home they found an AK47 assault rifle and several hundred rounds of ammunition – The Star can now also reveal.

Police chiefs yesterday did not return calls to The Star about the new detail.

The school – which The Star has decided to not to identify – referred all questions about the matter to the police.

Dubrovskiy was found in his vehicle in the early hours of March 27 with critical stab injuries in the suburb of Richmond, several hours after police raided his home and two other properties he was associated with.

His death is being treated as a suspected suicide.

Last week, Canterbury District Commander Superintendent John Price said Dubrovskiy supported the actions of the gunman who has been charged with the March 15 terrorist attacks on the Al Noor and Linwood mosques.

Superintendent Price said last week Dubrovskiy was a “significant threat to the community.”

Nazi uniforms, helmets and clothing along with other World War II memorabilia and other extremist content was found at Dubrovskiy’s home.

Superintendent Price said there has been no connection established between Dubrovskiy and the accused shooter of the terror attack.

Revelations his email was sent to a school, comes as a 17-year-old appeared in the Hamilton district court on Tuesday after he had been talking to fellow students about how easy it would be for a mass killing to take place at his school.

He was in possession of a sketch of the layout of the school and his alleged plan involved activating a fire alarm, prompting students and staff to evacuate and congregate on the school fields, where they would be an easy target for the shooter.

The teenager appeared on a charge of possession of objectionable material, namely the camera footage of the terror attack on March 15.

Police were called to the boys’ high school by the principal on Monday, after he was found in possession of a USB stick, with the footage on it.

He has name suppression and will appear in court again in June.