Media council upholds complaint


The Media Council has upheld a complaint against the article ‘Noise complaints prompt investigation into use of burnout pad’ noting that failure to contact the event organisers resulted in an imbalance in the article. The burnout event was held at Ruapuna Speedway on January 19.

The article, published on January 28 and January 29 online and in Western News, reported that noise complaints had been made to the city council. The council was now investigating whether the resource consent issued to Ruapuna Speedway was still valid. The chair of the local residents association was quoted, as was speedway’s president.

However, the organizer of the event was not given the opportunity to respond to the criticism, or to advise that the noise complaints had been dismissed. While the editor has admitted this was an oversight on the part of Star Media, the Media Council has upheld the complaint on grounds of imbalance.

The Media Council notes that a later article, published on February 12, advised there had been no breach of noise limits at the event and that the resource consent under which the event was held was valid. The full Media Council decision is at