Violated by a priest who went on to commit a ‘litany of offending’


WARNING: This video series has graphic descriptions of rape, sexual violation, substance abuse and discusses suicide and self-harm. It is recommended for adult audiences only.

All George wanted to do when he was at St Joseph’s School, Temuka was to ring the bell.  To do that he had to be an altar boy. He also loved watching wrestling on television and that knowledge is what he says Father Cornelius O’Brien used when he sexually violated him after school one day.

The Catholic Diocese of Christchurch investigated George’s case and found a ‘litany of offending’ carried out by Father O’Brien in New Zealand before he returned to the UK.

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One in six boys will be sexually abused before they are 18.  In this video series, 10 men have told their stories to Challenge the Silence on the issue. All grew up believing they were the only ones it had happened to. Now, they want other victims to know they are not alone and, if they are ready, help is there for them.

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  1. These poor men I feel for them all, you can see the hurt in their eyes I hope they find peace somehow …You were not to blame always remember that!