Hot pools name debate underway


Christchurch Hot Pools or New Brighton Hot Pools?

These are the early options that have been suggested for the name of the hot pools, set to be completed in New Brighton early next year.

Pegasus Post spoke to key people to get their views on what it should be called.

New Brighton Business and Landowners Association chairwoman Rebecca Tavete said Christchurch Hot Pools is the best option.

Mrs Tavete said having Christchurch in the title will be more likely to draw people in from outside New Brighton.

“Definitely talking about Christchurch will have a bigger reach,” she said.

“It’s a celebration for Christchurch, really.

“We’re in New Brighton, they are always going to have New Brighton attached to them, I just don’t know if it’s necessary that we need to call them that.”

Bin Inn New Brighton owner Nikki Griffin said she didn’t support either name and wants the community to have a say on a completely different name.

“It would be nice to have a consultation with the community, I think that both names sound boring.”

“This is a legacy project and I don’t think any of those names suit a legacy project.”

DCL chief executive Rob Hall said it is using Christchurch Hot Pools as a working title at this stage but it is open to the kind of public consultation Ms Griffin suggested.

“That’s something we need to think through a bit more. At the moment, we’ve settled on Christchurch Hot Pools, but that will be undertaken over the next few months.”

South New Brighton resident Soozie Bragg said there is only one option in her opinion.

“It has to be New Brighton Hot Pools because, after all, that’s where it is.”

“It’s New Brighton that’s been pushing for this for close to 50 years.” She said giving the pools this name would be the best way to put New Brighton on the map again and encourage outsiders to visit.

However, Coastal Ward city councillor David East agreed with MrsTavete, saying Christchurch Hot Pools would simply have more city-wide, national and international appeal.

“It is a facility that, although it’s based in New Brighton, will have a metropolitan focus on it and we are trying to market it as an attraction for New Brighton and the city.”

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