Brownlee’s chairman bid for council

Sam MacDonald

Gerry Brownlee’s electorate chairman is standing for the city council.

Sam MacDonald, who is also the Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood Community Board chairman, will campaign for the vacant Waimairi Ward seat in the October local body elections.

Current Waimairi Ward city councillor Raf Manji is not seeking re-election.

Mr MacDonald, a chartered accountant, said he wants to bring his private sector experience to the council table.

“I’m really happy with my performance on the board, but what I’m hearing is that people really aren’t happy with council spending,” he said.

“The answer to the council’s problems cannot continue to be charging ratepayers more. This council desperately needs to get back to basics.”

Mr Brownlee, National MP for Ilam, said Mr MacDonald had proved himself to be “successful” and “accessible” in his community board role.

“He’s a young guy that has a bit of a vision for the direction council needs to go . . . his accounting background will help get ratepayers’ best value for money,” he said.

“He’s a brilliant and loyal electorate chair.”

Mr MacDonald was first elected to the community board in 2016 and took up the deputy chairman role. He was then promoted to chairman when David Cartwright stepped down last year.