Vandals hit controversial apartment complex

PROGRESS: Work continues on the Williams Corporation's Perth St site after it was hit by vandals.

The site on which a contentious apartment complex is being built has been the target of vandalism.

The Williams Corporation development site on Perth St in Richmond was flooded overnight last week after someone cut the site’s water toby and turned it back on.

The 2m hole, dug out for the complex’s foundations, was entirely filled with water.

“Like a big swimming pool,” managing director Blair Chappell said.

“It spewed tens of thousands of litres of water onto the ground.”

Foundation work on the site was put on hold as contractors hired a diesel pump to get rid of the water, which took all morning to remove.

“It didn’t really have a true cost other than half a day of using a pump at about $500 and a few contractors sitting around for the morning, but there’s always something to do on sites like this,” Mr Chappell said.

The complex faces opposition from Richmond residents, who are concerned about the growing number of high density developments in the area and their impact on the suburb.

However, Mr Chappell said the site was likely the target of vandals.

“I’d say it’s opportunist vandals . . . . it’s just malicious damage,” Mr Chappell said.

“Not something you want to see when the council is trying to save water.”

He said the foundation work has now finished and construction of the apartments is due to start early next month before completion in September.