Teenage taggers caught by police

TAG SPREE: One of the cars tagged by six youths in the early hours of January 28.

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Police have caught six youths they believe were involved in a tagging spree throughout Halswell.

They want people who have had their properties or vehicles tagged to step forward.

Police are dealing with six youths aged between 13-15 involved with the vandalism that occurred on Monday morning, January 28.

At least two cars and three fences were vandalised along with a tool shed broken into at Aidanfield where an axe was stolen and found lodged into a lawn nearby.

It is suspected further tagging took place in the early hours of the following Tuesday morning.

The vandalism took place in the Aidanfield/Westlake/Halswell area.

Hornby Police Station youth aid worker Senior Constable Bruce Ward said it is uncertain as to the extent of the damage done.

But he said in the past police have found people do not report incidents of tagging, which needs to be done.

“Half a dozen kids can tag a lot of places so we want to be on top of this really quickly,” Constable Ward said.

Several of the youths had gone to a house in Halswell on Sunday night and unbeknown to the parent they snuck out in the night, picked up more youths, consumed alcohol and spray-painted properties, Senior Constable Bruce Ward said.

The tagging was brought to the police’s attention by one of the parents who had seen one of the boys covered in spray paint.

“The parents are horrified,” Senior Constable Bruce Ward said.

Residents on Wigram Rd, near Westlake Park were one of the unfortunate targets on a Monday morning.

A resident, who did not wish to be named, woke up at about 1.15am to a light being shone in her window before finding two vehicles had been badly tagged.

Senior Constable Ward said either the youths or their parents may have to pay for reparation or community service and they will have their photos and fingerprints taken for further use.

“If it runs into thousands of dollars we might have to think where we take these youths. They may have to go to the youth court,” he said.

If your property or vehicle was vandalised between January 28 and January 29 call police on 033637435.