Resident’s group ‘a bunch of petrol heads’

Ruapuna Speedway iPHOTO: FACEBOOK

The leaders of two residents’ associations have exchanged insults over whether Ruapuna Speedway is noisy.

Templeton Residents’ Association chairman Garry Kilday and Yaldhurst Rural Residents’ Association chairwoman Sara Harnett-Kikstra are in a row over whether there are noise issues at the track.

Ms Harnett-Kikstra made an unsuccessful noise complaint after a burnout pad event at Ruapuna last month. An investigation found noise levels were not breached.

Mr Kilday said there have not been any recent problems between Templeton residents and Ruapuna – the issue lies with Ms Harnett-Kikstra.

“We have never had a complaint from the Templeton community in ages . . . other than (Ms Harnett-Kikstra) asking questions, there have been no other complaints at all,” he said.

Ms Harnett-Kikstra said the residents’ association is a “bunch of petrol heads.”

Mr Kilday hit back saying Ms Harnett-Kikstra is a “whinger” and the Templeton association is not a bunch of petrol heads.

“I am the only one that goes (to Ruapuna) so how can it be a bunch?” He questioned why Ms Harnett-Kikstra is complaining about noise at Ruapuna when she doesn’t live in Templeton.

Ms Harnett-Kikstra responded: “How would they know where the complaints were coming from?”

She said she lives on the boundary of Templeton and Yaldhurst.

“I have been down to Templeton School. My children were there for sports day and my God why they put up with it there I don’t know . . . we get people calling in here saying the noise is disgusting”.

Residents have been at war with Ruapuna for years, with the issue flaring up in 2013 when Ms Harnett-Kikstra told the city council her children could not sleep.

But the Ruapuna Community Liaison Committee, made up of residents and raceway representatives, said noise issues had been minimal.

Said chairman Laurie McCallum: “We need to work as hard at the peace as we did at the war and that is what we are trying to do at Templeton.”

Eleven complaints were made in against Ruapuna in 2017 – with eight from Templeton, two from Yaldhurst and one with no location details.

Last year, five complaints were made from Templeton.

Mr McCallum said in a report to the Halswell-Hornby-Riccarton Community Board there was a high level of compliance from the speedway.

But Ms Harnett-Kikstra said while noise at Ruapuna has gotten better, it had no option but to get better after the noise issues went to the Environment Court. Noise restrictions were placed on Ruapuna in 2016.


  1. If you choose to move into an area that has a speedway then surely youre going to expect to hear a speedway now and again? Its like moving into Burnside and complaining about plane noise,,,,