Repairs begin on pothole covered car park

Repairs have begun on the pothole-ridden Hawke St car park outside of Coupland's.

Potholes in New Brighton’s badly damaged Hawke St car park are finally starting to disappear.

Work started last Monday to repair the car parking area outside of Coupland’s bakery.

The cost of this will be halved between Coupland’s itself and the private owner of the site, which both Coupland’s and the car park sit on.

Coupland’s general manager for retail operations Derek Cotton said its decision to partially fund the repairs was to ensure customer satisfaction and safety.

“It’s not a great car park down there and what we wanted to do was try and do the right thing and unfortunately if the landlord can’t meet the obligations, then we still put the customers first.”

“What it will do for our customers is give them the security of being able to park without risk of injury or getting their feet wet when it rains, which is going to make their shopping experience a lot more pleasant.”

The car parks in front of Coupland’s are just some of the many in the Hawke St car park that were badly damaged after the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes.

Coastal Ward city councillor David East said between 10 and 12 private owners were responsible for the maintenance of separate areas of it.

Cr East said very little work had been done to fix the damage since and complaints about it had been “going on for years.”

He said injuries at the site were common.

“There’s been the odd person that has tripped in the potholes and elderly people have even probably had breaks of some sort.”

New Brighton Business and Landowners Association’s Paul Lonsdale said pressure had been put on the landlords who owned different parts of the carpark to repair their sites over summer.

Mr Cotton said repairs to Coupland’s car park would be finished in the next two to three weeks.