No more noise for Common Ground community space

Sustainable: Orion donated a power connection box to the Common Ground community space in South New Brighton to replace six noisy diesel generators.

South New Brighton’s Common Ground has become a lot less noisy.

Six loud diesel generators were replaced by a more sustainable power connection box.

The box was installed by Orion and commissioned at a ceremony last Thursday following concerns from Common Ground about the noise and fumes the generators were creating.

Common Ground co-ordinator Jane Harrison said she wanted the space to be environmentally and noise-friendly, but the funds had not been available to achieve this when it first opened.

“We always wanted to have electricity and we didn’t want diesel-burning generators . . . the cost was just going to be absolutely prohibitive.”

Ms Harrison said Burwood Ward city councillor Glenn Livingstone had come together with Orion, Safe Power and Nova Energy to install the power box for free.

She said this would now ensure the surrounding environment and residents’ ears were looked after.

“We’ve worked really closely with our neighbourhood and with our immediate neighbours to make sure that everything we do is going to just work really positively for the community.”

The new power box will now run the mobile food and coffee vans, which operate on the site.

It has been a popular community gathering space for residents in the east since it was set up by the Common Ground Collaborative.

Orion general manager customer and stakeholder Paul Deavoll said: “It’s great to be able to support the South Brighton community to create a more sustainable hub for local people to get together.”

City Care also donated its time and machinery to level and landscape the site when it was first opened.

Burwood Ward city councillorGlenn Livingstone said: “This site has proven a real success for the local community. It is great to see the noisy generators go, and landscaping making a real community gathering place.

“Orion and City Care’s contributions have made a big difference for a community that’s been through hard times.”