Beheaded wild boar, broken lime scooter dumped in estuary

DUMPING CONTINUES: A broken lime scooter was one of many things to be illegally dumped on the estuary over the past few weeks.

A wild boar carcass and broken lime scooter have been found next to the Avon-Heathcote Estuary as illegal dumping continues.

Avon-Heathcote Estuary Ihutai Trust co-ordinator Tanya Jenkins said the group collects up to 10 tonnes of rubbish from the estuary each year.

“It is particularly sad that people can’t drive a few metres to the landfill and dispose of it there, but I guess it has a lot to do with cost,” she said.

Mrs Jenkins said the pollution from illegal dumping was having a serious impact on wildlife in the estuary area.

“A couple years back, we had a dead hector’s dolphin turn up in the estuary. We had a look and it had a plastic bottle in its blowhole.”

Fines under the Litter Act can range from $100-$400. However, under the Resource Management Act, the cost of an infringement is $500 for an individual or $1000 for a company. The type of infringement is determined by the nature of the offence.

City council head of parks Andrew Rutledge encouraged members of the public to report illegal dumping.

“The public can assist us by reporting any dumping they see through Snap Send Solve, our Call Centre, or social media. If it’s related to the waterways, the public can also contact Environment Canterbury’s Incident Response Line. Recording any vehicle details is always a great help to investigators,” he said.

•To report illegal rubbish dumping, phone the city council on 941 8999 or ECan on 0800 765 588.