Association runs out of funds for Lonsdale

FINISHED: New Brighton Business and Landowners Association's manager Paul Lonsdale has finished his time in the role.

Paul Lonsdale’s role as manager of the New Brighton Business and Landowners Association has been cut.

Mr Lonsdale finished last week, saying it no longer had the funds to employ him.

The association’s chairwoman Rebecca Tavete will incorporate Mr Lonsdale’s previous tasks into her role. This will be unpaid.

MrsTavete said news of Mr Lonsdale’s departure had been known for six months.

She said the association no longer had the necessary funding to continue paying Mr Lonsdale.

“As time went on, we realised that our funding for his role was not looking brilliant.”

Mr Lonsdale will continue his role as manager of the Central City Business Association, with MrsTavete saying his ongoing commitment to this cause had not been a reason for cutting his New Brighton role.

Mr Lonsdale was employed part-time by the association in 2017 to promote New Brighton and increase its appeal to business owners and property buyers.

He said during his two years in the role, the number of businesses operating out of properties in New Brighton had increased by over 30 per cent.

“We’ve seen a number of buildings being sold and repurchased and upgraded.”

These achievements meant

the association was now in a position where it could operate without Mr Lonsdale, said MrsTavete.

“The most important things we were trying to achieve were looked after as much as they possibly could be. We’ve just reached a point where most things are over the line and it really is just what it is.”

However, MrsTavete said Mr Lonsdale was the only person on the New Brighton Business and Landowners Association who had been paid for his work.

No longer having someone employed would make the

association’s job harder, she


“Unfortunately, we just won’t have as much presence because we’re all landowners and business owners who already have full-time jobs.”

MrsTavete said early conversations around how the association could gain additional funding so it could carry out its role to its full potential were underway.

Mr Lonsdale said this was just a start and the association still had work to do if New Brighton was to reach its full potential.

“I think we’ve really only just lifted the surface on the New Brighton regeneration.”’

He said it was up to its remaining members to continue to put pressure on the city council and Development Christchurch “to drive more significant change” in the area.”

Mr Lonsdale unsuccessfully stood for mayor in 2013 and served as a city councillor from 2013 until 2016.