Worst intersections for red light-runners revealed

RISK: Red light-runners like this camper van are putting the lives of Christchurch residents in danger.

Red light-runners, like the person driving this campervan, are putting other motorists lives at risk.

On Tuesday afternoon the vehicle ran a red light at the busy Curletts Rd and Main South Rd intersection.

The Christchurch Transport Operations Centre has just released its annual data on red light-runners at city intersections which was collected over 24 hours on November 29.

The intersection of Curletts and Main South Rds was the worst with 861 motorists running red lights during that period. That equates to nearly 36 every hour. More than 500 of the red light-runners were from the Curletts Rd north approach.

There were 10 crossing crashes at the intersection between 2012 to 2016, including one fatal in 2011.

Canterbury Road Policing Manager Inspector Ash Tabb said red light-running put drivers, passengers and other road users at risk.

“Our staff are working on our roads every day trying to stop risky behaviour, such as people running red lights,” he said.

He said too many drivers enter intersections on orange lights.

“These often change to red while the driver is still in the intersection, which creates unnecessary risk,” said Inspector Tabb.

“What people need to remember is, it’s just not worth it. You’ve got to ask yourself; is it worth crashing and risking injury – or worse – just to get across an intersection without having to wait for another light change? You could seriously hurt yourself, or somebody else.”

Second on the red light-running list, and also last year’s highest, was Colombo St and Moorhouse Ave with 806 runners. Last year it had 666.

The intersection also has the second highest number of recorded crashes with six between 2012 and 2016.

Buckleys Rd and Russell St in Linwood was third, with 649 runners recorded.

At the city’s 15 worst intersections, 8170 motorists were detected running red lights. That jumped from 7224 last year and 6580 in 2016.

Operations manager transport Steffan Thomas said the city council is concerned about the number of red light-runners.

“At present, the trial red light camera is collecting statistical information, including video and fixed images of speeding and red light-running incidents,” he said.

The camera is at the intersection of Bealey Ave and Madras St.

“Police have access to the data collected from the red light-running camera so that they may use it to help inform any enforcement strategies.”

ViaStrada senior traffic engineer Glen Koorey said there was a “myriad” of reasons why red light-running occurred.

“It can be deliberate or it can be innocent, people might not notice the light,” he said.

“Sometimes even just a change in traffic volume pressure at a particular time of the day . . . Curletts is busy at the best of times.”

The worst intersections for red light-runners:

•Curletts Rd/Main South Rd – 861

•Moorhouse Ave/Colombo St – 806

•Buckleys Rd/Russell St – 649

•Riccarton Rd/Rimu St – 647

•Cranford St/Innes Rd – 612

•Johns Rd/Main North Rd – 604

•Ilam Rd/Memorial Rd – 527

•Clyde Rd/Creyke Rd/Kotare St – 485

•Milton St/Strickland St – 448

•Marshland Rd/New Brighton Rd/North Parade/Shirley Rd – 447

•Buchanans Rd/Carmen Rd – 442

•Carmen Rd/Main South Rd/Shands Rd – 441

•Brougham St/Garlands Rd/Opawa Rd – 417

•Langdons Rd/Main North Rd/Mary St – 417

•Curletts Rd/Parkhouse Rd – 367