Threats to dog owners sparks debate

One of the letters received by a resident.

Tensions are running high in Lyttelton after dog owners have been left notes threatening to call dog control on their pets.

One resident had been left two handwritten notes on separate occasions.

One of them stating “your f*****g dog has barked the whole afternoon. Some people were trying to get a nap.”

The note which was posted on community Facebook group, “Lyttelton – Ain’t No Place I’d Rather Be!” led to a heated debate
between local residents.

One dog owner was astounded when he found a printed letter on his doorstep threatening to contact dog control if his dogs were not kept on his own property.

The owner said they were disappointed that the writer of the letter could not knock on the door and have a conversation with him face to face.

Several other dog owners in the area have received similar letters and believe they are coming from the same person.

Residents from Hawkhurst Rd, Reserve Tce and College Rd reported that they had received similar notes.