The Christchurch pool complex with the most ‘code browns’ for 2018

City council staff were kept busy last year with 167 ‘code browns’ closing pools across Christchurch.

In spite of only opening on May 31, Taiora: QE II Recreation and Sport Centre has taken out the ‘most poops’ title with 71 code browns and 33 vomiting incidents. However, in defence of the new facility, it has seven pools.

The second biggest complex, which has five pools, is Jellie Park Recreation and Sport Centre. But its outdoor pool also closes during winter.

QE II has been popular since opening and on 30 occasions a one-in, one-out policy has been applied to customers when maximum capacity has been reached.

City council head of recreation sports and events Nigel Cox believes QE II has the most closures due to a significant number of younger swimmers who enjoy the multiple play spaces.

Meanwhile, Graham Condon Recreation and Sport Centre, with four pools, had 47 code browns and 20 vomiting incidents – two more than 2017, when there were 46 and 19 respectively.

Jellie Park had 13 code browns and 17 vomits – less than the 21 and 21 recorded in 2017.

Pioneer Recreation and Sport Centre, which saw the highest number of code browns in 2017, had a much better 2018. There were only 34 code browns and six vomiting incidents in the last year – compared to the 57 and 26 in 2017.

The city council provides tips on its website on how to ensure its pools stay open, offering pointers for parents and caregivers who should take extra care when accompanying a child to the pool.

The tips include allowing food to settle before swimming, making sure your child has been to the toilet before entering the pool and reminding your child that it is okay to get out of the pool to go to the toilet during swimming lessons, just let their tutor know.

If the water in the pool does not meet the required quality standard, the pool has to be cleared of swimmers then treated and cleaned.

Cleaning times vary for different pools and facilities. It can range from 40min for a spa pool to 12hr 40min for a lane pool.

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