Teen chased across domain after break in

A teenager believed to have been living rough in Lincoln has been caught after a break-in at the Selwyn Netball Centre.

The 16-year-old was chased from the netball centre by a man who was at Lincoln Domain.

The teenager, believed to be from Rolleston, allegedly broke into the centre on December 30 about 8.30pm. He did not manage to steal anything except the keys for the centre.

“The witness was in the playground with his girlfriend, heard a window break, ran to the club house and saw a male [teenager] coming out of the front door,” Senior Sergeant Pete Stills said.

“The [teenager] ran off, the witness chased him, yelled at him to come back. The witness chased him across the rugby fields [at Lincoln Domain], and the [teenager] jumped a fence and ran away,” Senior Sergeant Stills said. The witness then gave a description of the teenager to police, who quickly identified him.

“As soon as we circulated that description amongst our staff, several of our staff came up with a suspect straight away.”