Watch: New Year’s Eve ram-raiders target cigarettes, cash


Early morning ram-raiders spent 3min in a dairy and fled with thousands of dollars in cigarettes and cash.

Two heavily disguised offenders broke into the locked cigarette cabinet at Lincoln’s Robert Street Convenience Store after smashing their way through the front door in a stolen Subaru.

The heist at 3am on December 31 was caught on the store’s CCTV camera.

The store manager, who did not want to be identified, said $1500 to $2000 in cash was stolen, along with “roughly” $6000 in cigarettes. She said the offenders must have planned the burglary as they knew which cabinet the cigarettes were in.

She said the store had to be closed on New Year’s Eve but was reopened the next day.

TARGETED: Thousands of dollars in cigarettes and cash were stolen from Lincoln’s Robert St Convenience Store in the early hours of New Years Eve.

However, she believes the break-in caused a decrease in business with shoppers put off by the way the store looks.

“It’s [the store front] not nice, right. You can see the difference, it was really nice and neat,” she said.

The manager said the owner of the store was notified about the break-in by a security alarm, but by the time he got to there the offenders were gone.

It’s not the first time the dairy has been targeted for cigarettes.

The manager said the store was broken into about 18 months ago and cigarettes were stolen.

However, she said there was more damage this time because the offenders had to get through the safety bars. She said it will take one to two months to fix the damage.

Senior Constable Andy Williamson said police recovered the vehicle at Birchs Rd in Prebbleton. It was stolen from Lincoln. He said inquiries into the burglary are continuing.