Noise complaints prompt investigation into use of burnout pad


The Media Council has upheld a complaint against this article as the organisers of the event were not given the opportunity to respond to the matters raised. The full decision is at

An investigation is uunderway into whether a burnout pad can be used at Ruapuna Speedway.

Noise complaints prompted the city council to investigate whether a resource consent issued to the race track 18 years ago is still live.

Ruapuna Speedway contracted its burnout pad to the New Zealand Burnout Championship for its Southern SmokeFest on January 19 – resulting in two noise complaints.

City council head of resource consents John Higgins said the consent was issued in 2001 for an indefinite period but it is checking lapsing provisions relating to the consent.

“We need to check what lapsing period applies to this consent and when the pad was constructed,” Mr Higgins said.

If it is found the resource consent is not live, Ruapuna Speedway will have to cease using the burnout pad or apply for resource consent, he said.

The speedway’s president Allan Daly said the burnout pad was contracted out only for the Southern Smokefest and it does not intend to use it again.

He said it is in discussion with the city council to make sure it “gets it right going forward.”

Mr Daly said it would not go to the expense of applying for another resource consent if that was what was required by the city council.

Yaldhurst Rural Residents’ Association chairwoman Sara Harnett Kikstra said hopefully it will not happen again. “I hope the council does investigate and work out whether they were able to do it or not, and if they weren’t they should be accountable for that. Because the damage is done. We had a weekend from hell,” she said.


  1. We can’t win! The amount of revenue christchurch has pulled through ruapuna should be enough to forget about two noise complaints from residents whom moved in to houses close to the track that’d obviously emit a lot a noise. People complain about burnouts on the streets etc and yet when someone actually organised an event taking it off the streets and in to a safe environment away from the public there’s one more thing to upset them.
    Don’t move in near a racetrack that has been there years longer than 98% of the houses in the area.

  2. “Weekend from hell”, unbelievable. The main event ran during the late morning to mid arvo on the Saturday and is a very infrequent event. We are hounded by the public to remove ourselves from the street (which is fair) and are then rewarded with malice from a MINORITY of soicety. Unfortunate that this small number of complaints were even aknoweldged by the council. I’d love to see who was established and living in the area first. It seems mainstream society yields no compromise when it comes to hobbies/interests and subjects that they have no personal interest in themselves. As far as it goes for the “boy racers” who make mischeif on the streets…the complainants here share a very similar low level respect for others.

  3. It’s one bloody weekend, it was during the day and it was a LEGAL event. Find something else to moan about. And if you can beat em, join em!

  4. They going to shut airport down because that just at nosiey and all time of the night not just a race meet time period. If you dont like noise whay buy house in that area.

  5. What about all the people doing stockcar racing at speedway til 10pm at night? How come they are allowed too without a problem of complaints? Majority of them are louder than cars at a burnout pad which is always during the day…don’t like the noise don’t buy or build near a race track. Simple.

  6. Next thing they’ll be trying to stop cars or bikes racing there at all!! The racetrack was opened in 1963!! 55 years ago! I don’t know how long these moaners on their little “lifestyle blocks” have been there, but I’ll guarantee it’s only a few years, judging by the ages of the homes around there. If you don’t like noise, it’s not a exactly a bright idea to live next to a motor racing track. Maybe they’re only now discovering that they were duped when they bought their properties – “Oh you’ll never hear the noise at all” – and are now trying to blame the racetrack! Who the hell do these people think they are? Maybe they should go live by the airport, it might suit them better! If you don’t like the heat, get out of the kitchen….

  7. So my understanding was that the race track has been there a lot longer then the houses in the area, if you knew you were buying a house near a race track you do not have the ability to moan move house, or if you really want the race track gone how about all the residence pool their money together and build ruapuna a new one to their standard hahahahaha