Future proof your career and SHIFT into Tech 


Christchurch’s tech industry is growing fast!  As NZ’s second-largest tech hub we are home to innovative companies building tech solutions for health, construction, media, mapping and much more.

Signal’s one-year SHIFT programme can help you add tech skills and industry experience to your existing degree,  to join NZ’s fastest growing sector, where not all tech careers are about coding.  Support roles in sales, design, project management and much more are in big demand, and many SHIFT graduates are now working with local tech firms.  Partial Scholarships are still available for the February 25 course commencing in Christchurch.

What is SHIFT? 

SHIFT is an industry-focused pathway into tech, either for new graduates or for those looking for a change of direction.  With its flexible pathway options,  SHIFT can be tailored to suit both your individual background and your career goals.  You can enter SHIFT with no tech background, or use it to build upon your existing skills and industry network.

SHIFT graduates have moved to tech from various backgrounds such as arts, politics, philosophy, geology, commerce,  marketing, medical research, graphic design, engineering and health and life sciences.

SHIFT is offered Signal ICT Grad School, (a partnership between the big five Universities and Polytechnics in the South Island)  and combines the academic quality of its partners, with industry projects and placements to give you valuable industry skills, experience and connections.

Partnering With Industry

Signal works closely with local tech professionals to provide training that meets the needs of local employers.  SHIFT combines project-based learning with real industry experience to produce graduates with a solid base of core computing and technical skills in your chosen area, as well as refining the soft skills required in today’s collaborative workplaces.  Right from day one, SHIFT students meet with prospective employers via workplace visits and industry seminars.

SHIFT also includes an ICT Fundamentals module, and elective papers through one of Signal’s partner institutions ( University of Canterbury, Lincoln University and Ara Institute of Canterbury), and results in a Graduate Diploma in ICT.

Limitless Career Opportunities

With tech roles existing in nearly every area from aviation to media and zoology, career possibilities are extensive.

SHIFT learners can focus on software design and development, or allied roles, such as business analyst, web designer, project manager, user experience designer, technical writer, sales and client support and much more.

To enable the return to work parents to move to a tech role, SHIFT can fit within school hours, many employers are also offering flexible work hours and remote workplaces are becoming more popular.

SIGNAL Christchurch is situated in the Innovation Precinct in High Street, close to many of Christchurch’s most successful tech companies in the revitalised inner city.

SHIFT starts in Christchurch in February and July, and scholarships are available.

Call SIGNAL today on 0800 990024 or click here and start your shift into NZ’s fastest-growing sector.

Meet some of our graduates.


With a Masters in Geology and 10 years working in the mining industry, Isaac re-assessed his career goals, wanting something that was more flexible and portable.  He completed SHIFT in 2017, and is now at Seequent in Christchurch (formerly ARANZ Geo)  working with data visualisation applications across a number of industries.

‘I saw SHIFT as an exciting opportunity to add specific tech skills to my knowledge base, so I could translate those skills into a new career.  The school-friendly course hours allowed me to carry on with my before-and after-school duties, and this really helped my family and my career shift.’


Jess is a radiation therapist who changed direction into tech because of the increasing relevance of technology in many sectors.

SHIFT has added tech to Jess’s existing career skills, and she has been involved in projects such as water sports tracking platforms for a supplier to the NZ America’s Cup winning team, and web app development for a leading museum.  Jess has been working with leading NZ company Datacom, as a project coordinator alongside a major NZ exporting client.

‘The project work really extended my knowledge into areas I would never have considered working in before SHIFT.  Now I feel I can tackle diverse problems and definitely create solutions. It has been challenging but very rewarding!’



Harry is a Masters Graduate who studied changes in workplaces and society globally.

“I realised the dominating role tech plays in these changes, and I knew I had to be a part of the future.  SHIFT stood out as the perfect gateway for me into the tech sector. ”

Harry completed his SHIFT industry placement with RCG Creations, an educational software company, and has gone on to join them as a full – time software developer.

Find out more at the next Tech Careers and Pizza Night on Feb 12, register through the link or call 0800 990024. 

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