Wealthy backer wanted to fight quarry

FUND: Weedons Residents' Association committee member Simon Moore hopes a wealthy supporter could help fill funding shortfalls in the fight against the Fulton Hogan quarry.

A resident involved in the fight against the planned quarry near Templeton hopes a wealthy backer will support the campaign against it.

Weedons Residents’ Association committee member Simon Moore says people living near the site don’t have the money to fight the proposed Fulton Hogan quarry.

Mr Moore expects the fight against the quarry to cost at least $100,000.

A resource consent lodged with Environment Canterbury shows Fulton Hogan wants to operate a quarry 6am-6pm, Monday-Saturday.

Fulton Hogan has also proposed running night operations 150 days of the year. Full quarry activities would operate from 6pm-10pm and truck movements would be carried out from 10pm-6am.

“What you need is what the Yaldhurst people got, a nice person to donate some money, like KyprosKotzikas. It would be nice if someone was willing to do that,” Mr Moore said.

MrKotzikas, who

backed opponents of the

Road Metals quarry in Yaldhurst, is the owner of United Fisheries.

But regardless of the money, the residents will not stop their campaign against the quarry, he said.

The quarry will be on a 170ha site at Curraghs, Dawsons, Jones and Maddisons Rds.

“This is the problem with David and Goliath – you’re fighting somebody who is making record profits,” Mr Moore said.

“What most of us intend to do is donate to the Templeton Residents’ Association [individually],” he said.

Fulton Hogan says the

total life of the quarry is expected to

be about 30 to 40 years and rock will be taken from a depth of 10m below ground.

The quarry activities are anticipated to start in 2020, should Fulton Hogan receive the necessary resource consents.

Environment Canterbury and the Selwyn District Council have until Thursday to check the resource consent application for completeness. A further update on the application is expected after Thursday.