Watch: Homeless, living in a tunnel ‘how did I let it happen?’


The tunnel is dark, damp and a thoroughly miserable place. When a train rattles past outside the noise is deafening. But this tunnel, near Christchurch’s old AMI Stadium, is one of the places Nuku Ngatamariki used to sleep for about two years.

He shakes his head, almost in disbelief. ‘How the f*** did everything just turn to s***,’ he says.

But he vowed as he slept in the tunnel, bushes, playgrounds and walked the streets he would get out of ‘this situation’.

Earlier this year, pink-haired women with a big smile and a great laugh called Ruth came along, and his life changed.

This is the first episode looking at Housing First, an organisation funded by the city council and Government to get 100 ‘chronically homeless’ Christchurch people into homes by 2020. It had its critics, so is it actually working?