Rolleston’s $22.2m library and name revealed

LEARNING SPACE: The new Rolleston library and community centre has been named Te Ara Atea. PHOTO: WARREN AND MAHONEY ARCHITECTS

This is what Rolleston’s new $22.2 million library and community centre, Te Ara Ātea, will look like from Tennyson St.

The district council has been gifted the name for the facility by Te Taumutu Rūnanga.

The name means “the unobstructed trail to the world and beyond” and reflects the role of the new facility as a place for learning, gathering, connecting, exploring and celebrating the district’s heritage and people.

The new library and community centre is a landmark project in the proposed Rolleston town centre, centred on what is currently part of Rolleston Reserve. Construction of Te Ara Ātea is expected to start
in halfway through next year.

Te Taumutu Rūnanga chairwoman Julie Robilliard said the rūnanga is delighted to be supporting the Selwyn community with the new name.

“It is with great pleasure that Te Taumutu Rūnanga gifts the name of Te Ara Ātea to the new Rolleston library and community centre,” she said.

“Meaning the unobstructed trail to the world and beyond, Te Ara Ātea is particularly appropriate because the Rolleston area was part of a network of ancient trails.”

Mayor Sam Broughton said the district council has been working closely with Te Taumutu as a key partner during the development and design stages of the new library and community

“Our partnership with Te Taumutu has been a central part of this project from the outset, as we have worked to ensure the new centre represents the breadth and depth of Selwyn’s heritage and community,” he said.

“We’re privileged that the rūnanga has gifted the name Te Ara Ātea – which is so appropriate for a community facility where we will celebrate our history but also look confidently to the future.