Residents right about car parking

PACKED: Between January 1 and October 31, Fenhall St in Russley recorded 1304 parking offences.

More than 1300 parking offences have been recorded near the Airport Business Park in Russley this year.

Out of the offences, 973 were recorded on Fenhall St in Russley.

There were also 22 on Bentley St, 280 on Pinehurst Cres, four on Penwood St, nine on Geraldo Pl, seven on Woodbury St, five on Oakhurst Pl and four on Fovant St.

City council staff provided the information to the Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood Community Board last week.

Avonhead Community Group chairman Somnath Sarkar Bagchi believes the figure only represents around “20-30 per cent” of parking offences near the business park.

The community group represents affected Russley residents.

People of Russley have been fighting against car parking near the business park since it opened in 2010, he said.

Residents only parking cannot come soon enough for residents, Prof Bagchi said.

“In July 2017, we got 60min parking [from 120min].”

But residents knew the 60min parking limit would not work, he said. “60min parking means you need to have enforcement officers continuously,” Prof Bagchi said.

“It is not very practical to put an enforcement officer completely dedicated for one road.”

The high number of offences proved residents fears that the 60min parking restrictions would not work, Prof Bagchi said. “So you can imagine how miserably it has failed.”

Community board chairman Sam MacDonald said the city council currently does not have ability to impose residents only parking.

The city council is currently reviewing consultation for its draft suburban parking policy, which would give it the ability to impose residents only parking.

Mr MacDonald said parking enforcement officers need to monitor streets near the business park on a regular basis.

“The feedback I get [from residents is] in some streets you can’t move down them because of the narrow nature when they are blocked up.”

The board submitted in favour of residents only parking in the draft suburban parking policy, Mr MacDonald said.

“What we need staff to be really clear on when they develop this [residents only parking] is . . . we need to have really clear and structured criteria where residents parking applies.

“When there are significant [parking] issues, we want to be able to deal with them quickly,” Mr MacDonald said.


  1. My wife and her work friends have also been complaining re the parking and feel for the residents, as her work who used to be in the CBD where they could bus on just one bus but now to get there my wife has to take 2 sometimes 3 bus’s and never on time.
    The boss’s don’t care.
    My wife has arthritis and to walk distances very hard. The park was built for business but not for one’s with call centers and there is more than two in here and they are not starting at the same time.
    Its also these people that are being penalized for the jobs that they have to work in this area with not enough parking