People’s Choice waits three more years

Andrew Turner

Lianne Dalziel’s decision to run for a third term means left-aligned People’s Choice
will wait another three years before putting up a mayoral candidate.

Leader and Deputy Mayor Andrew Turner said he would only stand for the position in the October 12 local body elections in the event that Ms Dalziel bowed out.

“Lianne is very aware of my position – that I would run only if she did not,” he said.

It is the reason Ms Dalziel has announced her intentions 10 months early, in spite of saying in June she would make a decision after the Long Term Plan had been finalised.

“I personally don’t think it’s necessary to make the decision so far out from the election, given that so much can occur between now and then,” she said.

“However, with some potential candidates indicating that they would be willing to serve if I was not going to put my name forward, I’ve decided to make that call now.”

Ms Dalziel won her first mayoral race in 2013 to take over from Bob Parker, who did not stand.

She had a majority of almost 50,000 over closest rival, businessman Paul Lonsdale.

At the time, she said it would be her only term.

In 2016, Ms Dalziel announced her intention to run five months before the election. That year she received 75,524 votes, 62,407 more than closest rival, activist John Minto.

Previously Ms Dalziel was a Labour cabinet minister and MP for Christchurch East.

Cr Turner said he believed he would be an “effective and successful” mayor. But he
would be happy to remain a councillor.

“If that is not the opportunity which is present for me in 2019, I will also be very happy to continue to achieve the best for my Banks Peninsula Ward and for the city by continuing in my current role,” he said.