No word on who will pay to finish road

PATH TO NOWHERE: Some work has been completed on Masefield Drive, with the rest expected to be done after Christmas.

The district council won’t say if ratepayers are picking up the tab for roadworks in Masefield Drive, Rolleston.

The footpath and cycleway outside The Warehouse in Rolleston ends as the road narrows around a bend.

The district council and the developers of Rolleston Square, where The Warehouse is sited, have been at odds over which one should pay to fix the problem.

District council asset engineer transportation Mark Chamberlain said work was done last week to patch potholes and widen an area at the entrance to the shopping centre.

“It is to hold the seal until the kerb and channel, seal widening and other needed work is done after Christmas,” he said.

Mr Chamberlain said there will also be an edge line painted to give better delineation for drivers.

Selwyn Times has repeatedly asked the district council whether ratepayers or developers are paying to fix the patch of road.

Two weeks ago, district council chief executive David Ward said discussions are continuing between the council and other parties involved about who is responsible and which will pay.

When asked last week who was paying for the just-completed repairs, the district council wouldn’t say.

Rolleston Square director Lloyd Bathurst did not want to comment on the issue.

Mr Ward has told Selwyn Times it considers the developers have responsibilities to resolve the current situation to avoid costs having to be met by ratepayers.

Rolleston Residents’ Association chairwoman Leonie MacLachlan said her personal view was that the “progress was minimal.”

“Keeping up with the filling of potholes hasn’t been done in a timely manner,” she said.

Mrs MacLachlan said the area is “such an eyesore” and for road users and residents’ safety, “it needs to be addressed as soon as possible.”

Mr Ward said the work on Masefield Drive is planned to be completed by the end of February.