No plans to reroute heavy vehicles travelling down Breezes Rd

Public concern over the number of heavy trucks driving down Breezes Rd past Haeata Community Campus.

City councillor Glenn Livingstone may have a fight on his hands to stop heavy trucks on Breezes Rd.

Cr Livingstone has gone to the city council asking to have heavy vehicles rerouted to Anzac Drive, as well as a section of Breezes Rd between Wainoni Rd and Pages Rd repaired.

He would like the trucks rerouted by using Anzac Drive, Wainoni Rd and Pages Rd to avoid the section of Breezes Rd that runs past Haeata Community Campus.

The matter will now be discussed at a seminar between the Coastal-Burwood Community Board and a city council road traffic engineer.

But Cr Livingstone may not get the support he needs.

Fellow community board member Tim Baker said he did not agree with Cr Livingstone and it wasn’t practical to reroute the trucks.

“The answer is long-term resealing that road and making it a better surface,” he said.

Cr Livingstone acknowledged vehicles such as delivery trucks to Pak n Save are important to the community and need to continue travelling on the road.

He said the board could classify by tonnage and the heavier trucks, such as those that travel to the Burwood Resource Recovery Park, would reroute.

“I am sure we can do something,” Cr Livingstone said.

The city council’s traffic count data estimates about 9000 vehicles travel on Breezes Rd between Avondale Rd and Wainoni Rd a day. Board member Linda Stewart said placing heavy vehicle restrictions on Breezes Rd was sympathetic but impractical.

“To reroute heavy vehicles to Anzac Drive still means putting the problem elsewhere to create impacts elsewhere on residential streets,” she said.

But city councillor David East was supportive of having the heavy traffic discouraged from using the route.

“I really can’t see why heavy traffic would want to use that stretch of road, it is far quicker to use the ring road (Anzac Drive),” he said. Board chairwoman Kim Money said she would need to get a “full perspective” from the seminar before she could comment. Deputy chairman Tim Sintes said differentiating between heavy vehicles would be difficult. The issue was raised at board member’s exchange and the board requested staff arrange a seminar.

Haeata principal Andy Kai Fong said while there aren’t traffic concerns, it would support the rerouting.

“If that was a move Glenn was making for safety reasons then we would endorse it,” he said.

Avondale Golf Club general manager Richard Sinclair said the road is busy with heavy trucks. But he said there are a fair amount of industrial businesses on the road.


  1. It’s not impractical when they speed through from Wainoni to Avondale Rd on Breezes and shake the living daylight out of your home. Our land still is settling and it is past a joke. Speed restriction or better still a ban. No businesses down this end.