Mall to get $10,000 upgrade

Bishopdale Village Mall is set to be rejuvenated for the first time in more than 50 years.

Last week the Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood Community Board granted $10,000 to the Bishopdale Regeneration Project.

The money will be spent on beautifying the area and developing fun, friendly spaces for the community.

Suggestions for the project included a mural, outdoor markets, new seating, pathways, plantings, improvements to toilet blocks, outdoor chess and ping pong, and new signage.

Bishopdale Businesses Association chairwoman Amanda Nuttall said she was glad funding for the upgrade had been approved.

“Bishopdale Village was started in the 1960s and has had no significant upgrade in that time,” she said.

“A start has been made with the library and community centre but it would be great to see more of the village upgraded.”

She said the only challenge left would be finding projects that all businesses in the area were on board with.

“One of the challenges here is that the buildings are individually-owned and ensuring all landlords commit to the upgrade is not easy.”

She hopes the upgrade will draw more people to the Bishopdale area.

“The population in this area is growing and this is an easily accessible and convenient hub of the community.”

The association has been working with the community board and Development Christchurch Ltd to pinpoint what people wanted to see in the area. DCL chief executive Rob Hall said working with the community on the project was essential.

“The aim has been to canvass the views of the people and groups who live and work in the village to identify possible opportunities to improve and revitalise the area, attract more people and create a more lively space,” he said.

“A recent design workshop identified some possible actions for the area, including working with the business association to create niche attractions and branding, some ‘quick win’ projects to liven-up the space, potential commercial redevelopments to create better connections and a review of land use.”

Community board chairman Sam MacDonald said it was “about time” the Bishopdale area had an upgrade.

“We need to stop talking about this stuff and just do it.”