Guilty verdicts in ‘drown him’ case

It was alleged the 15-year-old victim was beaten then dragged to a water race where his head was held under the water. PHOTO: NZHERALD

The mother of the victim in the highly publicised Rolleston “drown him” case” said tears were shed when her son’s attackers were found guilty.

On Friday, Judge Stephen O’Driscoll released his decision after a two day Youth Court hearing earlier this month, finding two 17-year-olds guilty of assault with intent to injure. They were 16 at the time of the attack in November last year.

Judge O’Driscoll said the charges had been proved beyond reasonable doubt.

The victim’s mother told the Selwyn Times the family was “pleased, excited, relieved, all of the above. We’ve had tears. It’s been good, a good outcome.”

“It’s been stressful and hard, but we have been tough, we’ve had to cope,” she said.

Her son, 16, was confronted by a group of youths in Tennyson St, Rolleston, after the annual fireworks event. He was 15 at the time.

It was alleged the victim was assaulted and pushed into a water race, where he had his head held under water while other youths yelled “drown him.”

He suffered a cut on his face which required stitches and he spent the night recovering in Christchurch Hospital.

His mother said he was “doing really well” and had a summer job.

“We would like to thank everyone for the kindness and support you have expressed towards our son,” she said.

Selwyn Times was prohibited from covering the trial in the Youth Court.

The identities of the victim and his attackers are suppressed.

The defendants were originally charged with aggravated robbery but had their charges amended in August.


  1. …and yet there is no provision for early-on parental smacking to establish limits of behaviour early on to stop this type of criminal targeting and offending! Those parental rights were removed by SB via Parliament!
    And I’ll bet that the victim is Special Needs, as they always suffer from the predators!