Dalziel: Resolving unfinished business

Mayor Lianne Dalziel PHOTO: KAREN CASEY

OPINION: It was June when my husband, Rob, and I went to the Cancer Society Ball.

We heard the message loud and clear – each day 60 New Zealanders will hear the words “I’m sorry, you have cancer.”

For us it was only a few weeks later. Rob came back from overseas feeling unwell. He went to the doctor and began a barrage of tests. Finally a bone scan and a biopsy confirmed it was prostate cancer. It came as a big shock.

I haven’t talked publicly before now, because the question from the media since July is whether I’m going to run for mayor again. As I’m sure you will understand, this has required additional thought.

I personally don’t think it’s necessary to make the decision so far out from the election, given that so much can occur between now and then.

However, with some potential candidates indicating that they would be willing to serve if I was not going to put my name forward, I’ve decided to make that call now.

Rob has responded well to treatment, and there is every
reason to be confident we have many years ahead of us.

I’ve also been encouraged to run again by many community and business leaders, as well as countless residents who have offered their support as we’ve come into contact on the street, in the supermarket and at events.

We’ve come a long way as a city in the past five years, and there are a few more milestones to be achieved before the election.

However, there is unfinished business, which I believe I am well-placed to help resolve, and therefore I intend to stand next year.