Call for urgent action to repair rough roads

BATTERED: The Coastal-Burwood Community Board a section of rough road between the New Brighton Rd and Wainoni Rd roundabout and Bower Ave/New Brighton Rd intersection as needing to be fixed.

Urgent action is being called to address rough roads in the eastern suburbs.

Coastal-Burwood Community Board chairwoman Kim Money said the community cannot continue to wait on plans and strategies to be implemented, the roads need to be fixed now.

City council staff is arranging a seminar in the new year to review road conditions and to look at pedestrian crossings on the east.

Each board member will discuss what roads they believe need to be prioritised for resurfacing or upgrades in the east.

“We really need to know where things sit in the programme . . . it is just too long. Things need to be done,” Ms Money said.

In 2016, the city council budgeted $680 million to fix roads in the Burwood-Pegasus area over 10 years.

Its total budget for resurfacing for the financial year of 2019-2020 is $12.9 million.

Portions of roads planned to be repaired next year include OwlesTce, Avonside Drive and Union St for the city council’s Carriageway & Footpath Programme 2018-21.

A key area under scrutiny is the roading between Wainoni Rd/New Brighton Rd roundabout and the Bower Ave/New Brighton Rd intersection.

The board has asked city council staff to investigate if it can be put back to its original condition post-earthquake.

“The road is a disgrace there, there are holes everywhere . . . it is a very bad stretch of road,” Ms Money said.

City council planning and delivery transport manager Lynette Ellis said a project of repair for the road is in the “early planning phase.”

The budget is more than $1.1 million but a timeline for when the project would begin was not available.

The state of Breezes Rd is also planned to be discussed at the meeting.

Pegasus Post reported last month city councillor Glenn Livingstone has gone to the city council asking to have heavy vehicles rerouted to Anzac Drive.

He also wanted a section of road on Breezes Rd between Wainoni Rd and Pages Rd in front of Haeata Community Campus to be repaired.

Cr Livingstone said he was pleased there will be a seminar on the issue.

As part of the seminar, the board will also look at pedestrian crossings.

Cr Livingstone said he was contacted by an elderly woman living adjacent Pages Rd wanting a crossing installed from Marlow Rd to Pages Rd.

He said it has since prompted the board to look at where pedestrian crossings are needed on the Pages Rd corridor.

Community board member Tim Baker said prioritising what roads need to be fixed is not going to be an easy task, as there are “hundreds” that need fixing at this stage.


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