Building consents on hold because sewerage system at capacity

UPGRADE: Building consents in Aranui put on hold because of capacity issues with the suburb's sewerage system will likely be granted when the system is upgraded.

Building consents in Aranui, put on hold because of capacity issues with the suburb’s sewerage system, will likely be granted when the system is upgraded.

Aranui residents who have failed to fix their earthquake-damaged wastewater pipes has led to the city council having to upgrade the suburb’s entire sewerage system.

The unrepaired earthquake damage to the private wastewater or stormwater pipes has resulted in the system having to cope with increased stormwater flow and groundwater infiltration – more than what it was designed for.

As a result, 10 building consents in the Aranui vacuum sewerage system catchment has been put on hold.

Two projects expecting to cost more than $2.1 million is under way by the city council to address ongoing capacity issues.

The projects are expected to be completed before Christmas.

City council’s three waters and waste head John Mackie said it is not accepting any new building consents until the work is completed.

“We will decide whether to accept any new connections once we have assessed the effectiveness of this upgrade,” he said.

Coastal-Burwood Community Board member Tim Baker said he is pleading with residents to fix their lateral pipes because he doesn’t think they realise the effect it is having.

He said he understands the decision but he thinks the city council is wrong because 10 consents are such a small number.

The city council’s first project is to install a monitoring system for each of the sewer system’s collection chambers. Each collection chamber connects to about four to six houses.

The project costing about $1.5 million, will allow the city council to identify which collection chambers suffer from high stormwater inflow and groundwater infiltration.

The city council will then carry out further investigations to work out if the problem is a result of Aranui’s private or public wastewater system.

The second project is the installation of automatic air admittance devices and is expected to cost $665,000.

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