Anger over discarded rubbish

DIRTY: Rubbish dumped on Tosswill Rd, near Prebbleton.

Frustration is mounting over rubbish bags being dumped on roads.

A number of residents went on Facebook to report that black rubbish bags have been dumped in rural roads near Prebbleton since November last year.

Prebbleton resident Miriam Martin said on most occasions the bags are full of discarded noodles or other food scraps.

But household rubbish has also been dumped. Last week household rubbish was found dumped on Tosswill Rd, Prebbleton.

“It’s a bit weird as to where they are coming from,” Dr Martin said.

The rubbish bags were also seen in the Quarry View subdivision in Halswell, Christchurch, she said.

The rubbish is also only found on quiet rural roads, she said. “They are obviously going through the back roads from Halswell or to Halswell,” Dr Martin said.

She notified the Selwyn District Council about the rubbish last week. “The food scraps are attracting flocks of birds, rats and mice. It’s a health hazard,” Dr Martin said.

Others business pay to have their rubbish cleared she said. “It’s criminal behaviour,” Dr Martin

“We’re not allowed to drop rubbish on the side of the road for good reason. You don’t have a right to pollute other people’s property, even if it is the council’s.”

Said a Selwyn District Council spokesman: “We have received complaints about rubbish being dumped in the Prebbleton area, and have removed it once we have been made aware of the dumping.”

Dr Martin urged more people to report rubbish dumping and take pictures of the people if caught in the act.