Video: Helping Peter ‘my son is a school bully’

*Names and voices have been altered in this video/article to protect the identity of the child.

Peter’s bedroom tells the story of a 10-year-old boy who likes to draw, dreams about far away countries and who reads a lot of books.

But what it doesn’t show is the internal struggle of a boy who tells his mum he wants to die.

“He’s threatened to kill himself a number of times,” says Sarah wiping the tears from her eyes.

Sarah and Peter’s school principal Theresa were left horrified, when on a final visit to the district health board’s Child, Adolescent and Family service, the psychologist told Sarah and Theresa all they could do was wait until Peter is 17 and comes to the attention of the court system. There, the psychologist said, he would get more help.

But Sarah doesn’t want her child to be a criminal in order to get help.

The district health board declined to comment on this for patient privacy reasons.

Why can’t Peter get help? Watch the full story in the video.

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