Sunstrike likely factor in three vehicle crash

Sunstrike is believed to be a factor in a three-way car crash in Rolleston – leaving the drivers involved lucky to walk away injury free.

A man driving on Curraghs Rd failed to see an oncoming vehicle on Maddisons Rd.

The impact of the crash caused the vehicle travelling on Maddisons Rd to collide with another car waiting on the other side of Curraghs Rd.

The crash happened at about 8.10am on Friday morning and was attended by police, ambulance and the fire service.

Sergeant Phil Bayne said the man who failed to see the oncoming vehicle possibly had sunstrike as he was looking east.

A woman driving the vehicle on Maddisons Rd was taken to Christchurch Hospital to be assessed but there were no injuries.

Sergeant Phil Bayne said the crash could have ended in a fatality or serious injuries.

He said it was lucky the speed limit had been reduced to 80km/h on Maddisons Rd.

“That had a major impact on lessening the severity of the crash. The fact everyone was wearing seat belts made it easier as well,” Sergeant Bayne said.

Sergeant Bayne said the car travelling on Maddisons Rd and the car waiting on Curraghs Rd sustained moderate to severe damage.