Room for improvement at LU Garden Party

If the police were to write a report card about the student Garden Party at Lincoln University it would say in the comments “still room for improvement”.

Senior Sergeant Kelly Larsen said on the whole attendees at the party had behaved well.

But the students’ six drinks before 6am tradition, still concerned police, she said.

Loud parties could be heard before 6am in residential Lincoln, and police shadowed students as they walked from party to party.

Said Senior Sergeant Kelly Larsen: “We’re happy with the behaviour inside the event. I do have some concerns about pre-loading prior to the event at private homes and halls of residence.

“There’s still room for improvement.”

Lincoln University Students’ Association manager Fiona Kay said regardless of their level of intoxication, all ticket-holders were admitted into the event as the association had a “duty of care” to attendees.

The garden party was organised by the association.

“We provide a safe environment for them to sober up if they are intoxicated (when they arrive). Upon entry they will go into a medical tent staffed by ambulance service Horizons,” she said.

Once in this area, the ticket-holder is not allowed back into the event. The staff will then organise safe transport home for the individual via a friend
or family member once they have deemed it safe for them to do so.

Only five people out of 2700 attendees were admitted into the medical tent throughout the day and one non-Lincoln student was arrested.

Lincoln Hospitality acting director Stuart Reilly said increased security was put in place throughout the campus on the day of the party.

“Lincoln University takes seriously our duty of care to all of our students and the potential impact the misuse of alcohol can have,” Mr Reilly said.

Ms Kay said the students’ association provided dry
zones at all of its events and encouraged students to register their pre-parties with the Good One Party Register – a police initiative.