Neighbours in bus stop dispute

Bus Stop on the corner of Nayland St and Menzies St in Sumner.

Two Sumner neighbours want an amicable outcome to a disagreement over the location of a Nayland St bus stop – moving it further along the street.

Debbie Hicks of 109 Nayland St wants the bus stop moved because passengers can see into her house, while Eoin and Sue Richdale of 107 want it to stay where it is to retain on-street parking.

Both parties presented their argument to the Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board on Wednesday.

During the presentations, the neighbours proposed a third option; moving the stop further along the street. An option they agreed on.

Board member Darrell Latham said a decision had been tabled until early next year in light of the new option, so city council staff could investigate its viability and report back to the board.

Both parties have legitimate concerns, Dr Latham said.

“The council will need to look at that to see if it’s a viable option.

“If there’s a possibility that both parties can be satisfied, let’s look at it,” Dr Latham said.

The neighbours declined to comment to the Bay Harbour News as they did not want to jeopardise the chance of an amicable outcome.

If moving the stop further along the street was not an option, board members would be forced to make a decision “on the status quo,” he said.

In 2009, the bus stop was moved 4m west when vehicle access to 107 Nayland St was changed, removing one on-street parking spot.

Then in 2016, the bus stop moved again, closer to the Menzies St intersection, to address safety concerns raised in the community. This left the same number of parking spots.

That move placed it directly alongside the house at 109 Nayland St, which at the time was uninhabited.

Then in December, the Hicks requested the city council move the stop back to its pre-2016 location due to concerns over on-street parking and privacy concerns.

To do so would result in the loss of two on-street parking spaces as a no-stopping zone was suggested for the area between the bus stop and the Menzies St intersection to maintain sight lines

Bus Stop on the corner of Nayland St and Menzies St in Sumner.