Lincoln High School names its dux

ACHIEVEMENT: Year 13 student Caelum Betteridge is dux of Lincoln High School.

Caelum Betteridge has been named dux of Lincoln High School.

He was one of several year 13 students to be recognised at the school’s graduation ceremony.

Caelum achieved the overall highest academic standard, finishing at the top or first equal in each of his four level three courses.

He has also been doing a stage one mathematics course at Canterbury University.

The course is designed for students who have excelled in level three mathematics. So far Caelum has achieved 100 per cent in all of his assessments for this course.

Caelum was also awarded the RSA Cup for all-round achievement.

The proxime accessit – runner up to the dux – was Fleur Neill.

Fleur Neill

Fleur achieved first or first equal in four out of the five subjects she studied and was highly placed in the fifth subject.

The McMahon Cup for Citizenship was also awarded to the student whose general contribution to the life of the school has been the most worthwhile and significant.

The recipient of the cup this year was Jimmy Whitefield.

The Garters Cup for Commitment to Colleagues was awarded to a school leaver who has consistently put aside self-interest to assist others. The winner was Ollie Roozen.

The Old Students’ Association Trophy was awarded to a student who has shown the determination to succeed. The recipient was Lexi Richards. She has served as a role model in the different activities she has been involved in.

The R.B. Strange Cup for Leadership was awarded to the student whose leadership has been the most positive and significant during the year. The cup was jointly awarded to the school’s three head students Carlito Shalfoon, Petra Campbell and Taylin Smith.