Churchgoers left dumfounded after bell stolen

St Mary’s churchgoers in Springston were left dumbfounded after they found their bell had been stolen.

Spokesman Neville Benny said the 150-year-old cast iron bell was likely to have been stolen between late September and early October.

“We had our last church service on the fourth Sunday of September and we weren’t back there until October 14.”

Mr Benny said no one could believe it until they saw the bell had gone.

“The chap that usually rings the bell came in and said the bell was gone, so we all walked out the door and we were all dumbfounded really.”

Mr Benny suspected it was Lincoln University students ahead of the infamous garden party.

“If it was college students, they could probably drop it off back outside the door no questions asked.”

Mr Benny estimated that the bell would cost at least $1000 to replace.

Mr Benny said he had notified the police as well as scrap metal dealers across the country but had not heard anything.