Call for greater police presence in Sumner

SECURITY: Sumner residents are set to invite an increased police presence in the village over summer.

A GREATER police presence is wanted in Sumner over summer.

The Sumner Community Residents’ Association, Redcliffs Residents’ Association and Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board will meet with Canterbury Metro Police Commander Superintendent Lane Todd at the Sumner Hub today.

SCRA’s community development and event organiser Liza Sparrow said the groups would invite the police to base a permanent presence
in the hub building over summer.

Ms Sparrow said an expected increase in people in the village over summer and a number of crimes in the town over the past year, including aggravated burglaries and a manslaughter, had made residents look to police for increased support.

“We would like to see an
increase in police presence
to ensure that both residents
and visitors have a sense of increased security.

“It’s not just about police though . . . it’s actually about communities growing and supporting each other. Being aware of one’s neighbours.”

Said a police spokeswoman: “Police wouldn’t be able to comment on any hypothetical outcomes before that meeting takes place.”​

A home invasion last year had spurred one group of residents to seek crime cameras for the town. That group, Safer Sumner, planned to approach the community board for funding for the project in future.

Christchurch Transport Operations Centre team leader Ray Young said quotes for the installation of the cameras were being prepared.

“Once we have this quote it will go to the Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board for discussion of potential sites.”

The meeting comes after Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board member Darrell Latham sent a letter to Superintendent Todd on behalf of the board last week to request the meeting.

Dr Latham said he “particularly interested to know” how the increase in police nationally would impact the Sumner area.

“I’d like to know how that will impact the communities out this way . . . particularly given the concerns we have.”​