Video: Night Noodle Market, council’s ‘slap in the face’ to Christchurch restaurants, bars

BUSINESS: The Night Noodle Markets are taking away customers from central city restaurants and bars.

The hospitality industry has slammed the city council for allowing the Night Noodle Market to be extended.

With Christchurch’s turbulent hospitality industry trying to recover ground in the up coming summer months, a well-known restaurateur says allowing the Night Noodle Market to run ‘in direct opposition’ for 12 nights form February 6 – 17 will take vital business away from local restaurants, cafes and bars.

He has the backing of Hospitality NZ Canterbury’s branch who says last year’s market caused a ‘significant downturn of trade’.

So did the city council consult with Hospitality NZ Canterbury’s branch before allowing it to go ahead in Hagley Park? And what does the media company Stuff,  who is behind the market say?

Have your say: Should the market be chopped back? Or did the city council do the right thing? Comment below.

Watch the video for the full report.


  1. So an event coming for a total 3.2% of all trade days of each year is going to affect the overall business profitability? Please!
    Maybe the oversupply of hospitality businesses (more per capita than Melbourne) and council allowing more licenses to be issued is more of an issue.
    Maybe these local businesses should get involved in events like this or lantern festival or buskers festival…and promote their business or god forbid increase their income!

  2. I know for a fact at least the largest 2 traders at the noodle market have set up base in Christchurch; which means they pay their council fees, uses local suppliers, uses local accomodation, uses local staff, uses local transport companies, uses local hire companies… I’d say it was a boost to the local economy overall.