Riccarton residents say no to more booze


Riccarton residents are trying to sink a pool hall’s bid to get a liquor licence.

The Common Room on Riccarton Rd has applied to sell alcohol at the premises from 8-2am daily.

Residents nearby believe this could cause a return to anti-social behaviour that marred the Riccarton bus lounges.

The pool hall is located opposite the eastbound Riccarton Rd bus lounge and about 50m from the westbound bus lounge.

The Common Room is owned by fast-food restaurant Arcadia owner Matthew Glanville.

It was previously known as More Pool.

Mr Glanville could not be reached for comment.

Riccarton Bush-Kilmarnock Residents’ Association chairman Tony Simons said the residents are against the proposed hours.

The residents submitted their objection to the city council’s district licencing committee.

“The bus lounges and Division St are previously known trouble spots and the flow on effect of delinquent behaviour has been felt by the surrounding businesses and residential areas,” the submission stated.

“A bar/tavern will potentially inflame those problems again.”

Neighbours say there are three other bars in the area. A new liquor provider will add to drunken behaviour.

Riccarton Ward community board member and Rata St resident Helen Broughton is also against the licence.

“I’m concerned from a planning perspective that it could be turned into a bar completely,” Ms Broughton said.

“In our city plan, night life is meant to be for the central city and Riccarton is more for community activities,” she said.

Riccarton Community Constable Aaron Thorn did not believe the new license will increase drunken behaviour.

“You’ve got liquor agencies around that immediate areas, so I don’t know if one more is really going to terribly make a much of difference,” Constable Thorn said.

The behaviour at the bus lounges has also improved. Should drunken behaviour increase, police will intervene, Constable Thorn said.

Ms Broughton expects a licencing committee decision in the next two to three weeks.