WATCH: Top Gun, Yoda, Star Trek used by school caretaker to make school gate safer

QUIRKY: Mt Pleasant School caretaker Simon Hillyer with some of his signs outside the school.


A quirky initiative to keep traffic moving outside Mt Pleasant School has made a huge difference.

Like many schools, there were parking issues at drop-off and pick-up times created by people leaving their vehicles and not parking correctly.

So caretaker Simon Hillyer came up with a novel idea.

He made humorous signs, laminated them and put them up on the 2min loading zone sign outside the school.

The signs get rotated every week, with the Crusaders, Bart Simpson, Star Wars and Top Gun providing inspiration.

Along with Mr Hillyer’s own dad-joke sensibilities.

It’s a non-confrontational approach which seems to have hit the spot.

School office manager Carolyn Wright said people eagerly awaited the next instalment.

“The pressure’s on him now to come up with the new stuff,” she said.

Last week the school bell played Highway to the Danger Zone to co-ordinate with the Top Gun-themed signs.

Mr Hillyer said results had exceeded expectations.

“It’s all been pretty good humoured. We still get the odd idiot who pulls a U-turn in the middle of the crossing but generally people are heaps better behaved than they were before,” he said.

“It seems to have got the kids talking about it as well. They don’t quite understand what the sign means sometimes, like the Bison dad joke, so they start chatting to mum or dad about it.”

Where does he get his inspiration from?

“I’ve got a fairly warped sense of humour. We just try and keep it fresh.”