Under siege David East may run for mayor

Under siege city councillor David East could make a surprise bid to become mayor.

Cr East said yesterday he has received a lot of support over his stand that an independent inquiry is needed into an erased clause in the city council’s district plan.

“I am very happy with the level of support I have received.”

He confirmed he will be running for the city council again next year. “Interestingly it has been a tossed out comment in the last wee while that I should run for mayor, I will give that due consideration.”

“I couldn’t say yes or no, I would have said definitely no but, I will think about it.”

Mayor Lianne Dalziel confirmed Cr East has been stood down from his position as chairman of the regulatory performance committee.

He will also face a disciplinary hearing for his claims on Monday that city council staff allegedly omitted a policy in the district plan.

The policy enabled people to build, renovate or extend their homes in the coastal suburbs of South Brighton, Southshore and Redcliffs.

Ms Dalziel is yet to confirm whether she will stand for a third term at the local body elections next October.

If she doesn’t, the mayoral race is likely to be wide open.

“I would dearly love to see a council that is more reflective of the needs of the city . . . I believe sometimes our approach to planning at times has not taken the people with it. I don’t believe we have ever taken the people of Southshore and South Brighton with us,” he said.

Yesterday, chief executive Karleen Edwards laid a formal complaint to Ms Dalziel on behalf of the city council in relation to Cr East for breaching the council’s code of conduct.

Dr Edwards and Ms Dalziel will discuss it today.


  1. The evidence will speak for itself and a formal inquiry is required. I feel the coastal residents of areas of South Brighton, Southshore, also Redcliffs have been put through enough distress. After all, this issue is a result of earthquake damage to some of these areas and all those areas where directly exacerbated by the floor of the Avon River and the Estuary rising as an earthquake impact. Leaving this unresolved and described by council staff as sea level rise issues means sea level rise is fast tracked in those areas but not elsewhere in New Zealand. That is discriminatory.

  2. As a resident of this fine city who bought his largest asset on land which is less susceptible to liquifaction, not susceptible to rockfall, and well away from the sea (which we have known since the early 90’s has been raising) I have no issue with the residents of the east rebuilding.

    My concern is my ratepayer dollars subsiding protection works in a part of New Zealand that we know is at risk of rising sea levels. Housing is a risk – if you made a poor investment decision please don’t ask me to support you.