Tickets stolen in burglary sold online for hundreds

Police trying to solve a burglary have been given a rock solid lead: Stolen tickets to Les Miserables were later sold online with a phone number and a name.

A computer, 30 Les Miserables tickets and 180 Hoyts movie tickets were stolen during a break-in at Star Media’s office in Lincoln Rd, Addington, last month.

Showbiz and Isaac Theatre Royal were alerted by Star Media in case people with the tickets turned up.

And last Thursday 10 unsuspecting people arrived to watch the show, only to be told the tickets were stolen.

They told Showbiz general manager Michael Bayly they had
bought them from a man at various locations in Christchurch after seeing them advertised on Facebook. The seller provided buyers with his cellphone number.

The tickets were selling in pairs for $75. The seller also said he would “chuck in” extra movie passes.

He also offered to deliver tickets for $90, for those who couldn’t arrange to meet.

Star Media has provided the information and the name of the seller from Facebook to the police.

Police said yesterday the investigation was ongoing.

Mr Bayly said various measures were put in place to prevent issues if the stolen tickets were presented and those who had purchased them were still accommodated for on the

He said those who had purchased the tickets were embarrassed, but some had been sceptical of the possibility the tickets weren’t legitimate.

“They were all highly co-operative and gave us a lot of information about the person selling the tickets.”

Mr Bayly said there is a clear message from this incident.

“Always buy through a legitimate ticketing agency. That applies to people purchasing from both individual parties online or resale agencies like Viagogo.”